Church of England Pilgrim Book Design

Book Design.

Problem: Revo Creative were very pleased to win the pitch to design the material for the Church of England's new Discipleship programme commissioned by Church House Publishing. It included the cover designs, the internal page designs and the marketing material. 

Solution: We created a recognisable header and design system. This design was applied across the various materials. The whole series has been very well received.

Testimonial: "Church House Publishing had never worked with Revo Creative before, but on the strength of a great pitch and a glowing reference we entrusted them with branding and designing the biggest project we have undertaken in over a decade. We have not for a moment regretted doing so. From the word ‘go’, David helped to shape a distinctive and impressive brand image for a series that needed to appeal to a broad range of audiences, and both the sales figures and customer feedback to date suggest it has worked brilliantly. And David has not only delivered on the big-picture, creative side, he has been thorough, reliable, flexible and reasonable when it comes to the intricate details of page design, and has turned round innumerable small jobs of all kinds very quickly. It’s already hard to imagine life without Revo Creative as one of our key suppliers of design."
Dr Thomas Allain-Chapman. Publishing Manager, The Archbishops’ Council of the Church of England


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